Nuno Loureiro




March 25, 2024:

reza clunx schemes 03 archived

March 16, 2024:

excited to announce a few lua onus shows over the next couple of weeks:

// 20-03 : projecto de vida with polido and ondness at cosmos, lisboa;

// 03-04 : hotelier, porto;

// 06-04 : t3, bratislava;

// 12-04 : rello, brno;

March 13, 2024:

you can play with lu. tua >ua sua over at

it was done with sebpiq's webpd, ojack's hydra, pd and p5js. you can also watch a video recording of it running on gnration's youtube page here:


March 2, 2024:

hello. first coms on the website. lua onus is now pressed on vinyl and will start shipping on the 15th. you can grab it


on my bandcamp or simply send me a dm. distribution is handled by state51, reach out to them if that's your case.

pt and eu shows will be announced soon. get in touch if you want me in your town.

there's a web project commissioned by gnration being released on the 13th.

it is called lu. tua >ua sua.